Waffle House Breakfast Grits Bowl Calories & Price in 2024

Waffle House Breakfast Grits Bowl

Price: US$10.30 / Calories: 730

Are you a lover of a dream breakfast with a yummy blend of textures and flavors? You must choose the Waffle House Breakfast Grits Bowl because it’s a satisfying meal to kickstart your morning nicely. Waffle House offers this highly customizable bowl for just $10.30, featuring 730 calories according to your dietary needs.

What’s Inside Breakfast Grits Bowl

  • Large Grits
  • Two slices of melted American Cheese
  • Two scrambled eggs
  • Choice of meat

Meat Options for Grits Bowl

Select any one from three options to pick proteins for your Grits Bowl:

  • 3 slices of crumbled Smithfield Bacon
  • 2 patties of crumbled Jimmy Dean Sausage
  • Savory hickory smoked ham chunks

You can also choose other breakfast menu of Waffle House as listed below:

Nutritional Information

The following nutritional elements are involved in making 730 calories of this breakfast bowl:

Calories 730WeightPercentage
Total Fat21 g32%
Saturated Fat8 g40%
Trans Fat0.5 g
Cholesterol220 mg73%
Sodium960 mg40%
Total Carbohydrate17 g6%
Dietary Fiber1 g4%
Sugars0 g
Protein16 g

Calories Breakdown into Macronutrients

  • Fat: 58.9%
  • Protein: 19.9%
  • Carbohydrates:21.2%
Breakfast Grits Bowl Calories Breakdown

Burn Time Estimates 

  • Brisk walking: Approximately 33 minutes
  • Jogging: Around 25 minutes
  • Biking: Roughly 25 minutes
  • Swimming: About 28 minutes
  • Jumping rope: Around 25 minutes
  • Rowing: About 30 minutes
  • Strength training: Around 33 minutes
  • Dancing: Approximately 28 minutes

Reviews and Feedback

I’ve tried Waffle House Breakfast Grits Bowl, and it was great in itself. I’ve no words to describe its taste, and it’s kinda hard for me to cook this type of dish in my house. I recommend you try it, whether you’re a lover of hearty breakfasts or just looking for a tasty way to start the day. This bowl is a winner in my book! You would really love its customization options and selection of meat to add a chunk of protein to your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add a chunk of protein to this delicious menu of Waffle House by making a selection from the following kinds of meats:

  • Sausage
  • Bacon 
  • Chunked Ham 
  • Cheesesteak 
  • Grilled Chicken 

Calories and prices of all kinds of meat differ from each other.

  • Source of Maximum Protein: Grilled Chicken
  • Source of Lowest Protein: Bacon

There are almost 17g of carbohydrates in this Waffle House breakfast menu.

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