Breakfast Hashbrown Bowl Waffle House Price and Calories

Build Your Own Hashbrown Bowl

Price: US$8.85 / Calories: 921

Looking for a single dish that’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings?  Say hello to the hashbrown bowl waffle house menu, your ticket to flavor-packed satisfaction, having a symphony of tastes and textures in a single bowl. The Hash Brown Bowl at Waffle House is like a flavor explosion with a delicious mix of all your favorite dishes packed into one bowl. Get your perfect breakfast bowl in Waffle House today and enjoy a morning masterpiece tailored just for you! Let’s explore more about its price and nutrition facts.

What Makes Up Hashbrown Bowl? 

  • Crispy golden hash brown
  • Your selection from sausage, bacon, chunked ham, cheesesteak, chicken, or Angus patty to add a chunk of protein in a hash brown bowl.
  • Addition of bacon in a bowl for extra calories.
  • Choice from eggs, hickory smoked ham, tomatoes, jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, Bert’s chili, or country sausage gravy.

Price and Nutrition Facts

Waffle House offers this irresistible bowl, packed with 921 calories for American food lovers , priced at a mere US$8.85. Feeling extra indulgent? Add bacon for an extra 90 calories at just $2.00. You can customize your bowl with eggs, hickory smoked ham, grilled tomatoes, jalapenos, mushrooms, Bert’s chili, or country sausage gravy for an extra US$0.50. Let’s further explore about nutrition facts of waffle house hashbrown bowl in detail:

Calories 921WeightPercentage
Total Fat60g92%
Saturated Fat22g110%
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol445 mg148%
Total Carbohydrate63g21%
Dietary Fiber5g20%

Calories in a hash brown bowl can be broken down into 73% fats, 16% protein, and 11% carbohydrates.

Price and Nutrition Facts of Hashbrown Bowl

Burn time of 921 calories

Based on an individual’s activity, age, gender, and fitness level, usage time of calories may alter. Still, there’s a general period to burn calories obtained from a hash brown bowl of waffle house:

  • Brisk walking: Approximately 105 minutes
  • Biking: Roughly 79 minutes
  • Swimming: About 88 minutes
  • Dancing: Approximately 88 minutes
  • Cycling: 105 minutes
  • Playing basketball: 88 minutes
  • Running: 63 minutes
  • Jumping rope: Around 79 minutes
  • Rowing: About 79 minutes
  • Elliptical training: Roughly 92.1 minutes
  • Hiking: Approximately 108.4 minutes
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): 65.8 minutes

Reviews and Feedback

Hash browns at Waffle House are my favorite! They’re crispy, and I love getting them with tomatoes and mushrooms. The sausage hash brown bowl is my top pick for a filling breakfast. Many other customers in the waffle house asked “What could be better than scattered, crispy, smothered, and covered?” So it’s a top-notch choice for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waffle House offers a bowl of hash browns for US$8.85, but we can customize it for $2 by adding bacon, or can spice it up with eggs, ham, or more for just $0.50 extra. 

A bowl of Waffle House has a flavorful punch with 920 calories.

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