Classic Waffles At Waffle House Price & Calories in 2024

Classic Waffles

Price: US$4.25 / Calories: 410

Are you looking for distinctive, delicious, health-conscious waffles that offer a delightful blend of comfort and sweetness? If yes, there is no better option for you than classic waffles at Waffle House. It’s challenging to discuss the waffle house without its namesake dish (waffles), and we cannot contradict that waffles were the first and the most profitable menu of the first waffle house. The golden-brown, fluffy, and crispy Classic waffles are the top-notch choice of many American waffle lovers that Waffle House offers for just US$4.25, containing 410 calories.

Items for Customization of Classic Waffles

You can add an extra layer of flavor to the plate of this menu by choosing any one from the following enhancements according to your taste:

Chocolate chipsUS$0.40110
Peanut Butter ChipsUS$0.40150

Nutrition Facts

The total 410 calories of this menu can be broken down into the following macronutrients:

  • Fat: 39.1%
  • Protein: 7.7%
  • Carbohydrates: 53.1%
Nutrition Facts of Classic Waffles

However, the weight and percentage of all nutritional items of this menu are given below:

Calories 410WeightPercentage
Total Fat18 g28%
Saturated Fat10 g50%
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol50 mg17%
Sodium870 mg36%
Total Carbohydrate55 g18%
Dietary Fiber2 g8%
Sugars15 g
Protein8 g

Time to Burn 410 Calories

Here is the estimated time to burn 410 calories:

  • Brisk walking: Approximately45 minutes
  • Jogging: Around 34 minutes
  • Biking: Roughly 34 minutes
  • Swimming: About 37 minutes
  • Jumping rope: Around 30 minutes
  • Strength training: Around 45 minutes
  • Stair climbing: 25 minutes
  • Dancing: Approximately 37 minutes

Reviews and Feedback

I was not fond of waffles, but after trying Classic Waffles at Waffle House, I’m hooked on this menu. The nutritionally complete ingredients and suitable cooking time make them delicious, and the small iron square makes them fluffy and crunchy. We can say that this menu is McDonald’s of breakfast food, and we can customize it with pecans, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips to add more flavor and calories. You can also choose Waffle House Hashbrowns for your comfortable breakfast along with toppings like onions, tomato, etc among other Breakfast Menu of Waffle House.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 55 g of carbohydrates in this Waffle House menu.

The ingredients and cooking methods of classic and traditional waffles are almost the same, but there is a slight difference in toppings and accompaniments.

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