Waffle House Grilled Biscuit Calories & Price in 2024

grilled biscuit

Price: US$2.40 / Calories: 380

Have you ever desired a splendid morning meal consisting of flavors and textures that can embrace your senses with culinary comfort? Waffle House is here to fulfill your wish by offering an amazing menu. Guess what? I’m talking about a Grilled Biscuit that is as fluffy as a cloud and grilled to perfection. Waffle House provides this menu for just $2.40 with a hearty punch of 380 calories. But its nutritional power continues further. You can elevate your experience by customizing it with the following edible snuggles.

  • Hashbrowns for +US$3.10
  • Egg for +US$0.40
  • Cheese for +US$0.50
  • Double or triple Hashbrowns for +US$0.50
  • Additional toppings like grilled onion, tomatoes, sausage, etc each for just US$0.65

Nutritional Information of Grilled Biscuits

Calories 330Weight% Daily Values
Total Fat25.00g32%
Saturated Fat14.00g70%
Trans Fat0.000g
Total Carbohydrate34.00g12%
Dietary Fiber1.0g4%

Breakdown of 330 Calories

  • Fat: 56.8%
  • Protein: 12.0%
  • Carbohydrates: 31.2%
Grilled Biscuit

Burning Time of 330 Calories

These estimates can vary based on factors like intensity, body weight, and metabolism. Still, they provide a general idea of the time required to burn off the calories consumed from a Grilled Biscuit of Waffle House.

  • Brisk walking: Approximately 33 minutes
  • Jogging: Around 25 minutes
  • Biking: Roughly 25 minutes
  • Swimming: About 28 minutes
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT): Roughly 22 minutes
  • Jumping rope: Around 22 minutes
  • Rowing: About 28 minutes
  • Elliptical training: Roughly 33 minutes
  • Hiking: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Strength training: Around 33 minutes
  • Dancing: Approximately 28 minutes

Final Thoughts

Similar to other breakfast menus of Waffle House and All day favorites, including chicken biscuits, sandwiches, and hashbrowns, you can also make this menu more flavorful by adding additional side food items and toppings.  I often choose double hashbrowns with this Waffle House Biscuit to satisfy my taste buds and fulfill dietary needs. To add freshness to this grilled meal, I choose onions and tomatoes as toppings and also suggest you customize this Waffle House plate like me to make it healthy and pocket-friendly. But one thing to always keep in mind is that your health must be a priority when making selections from a chunk of menus instead of your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this biscuit special is that it’s cooked directly on a hot grill or griddle, which gives it a crispy outside while keeping its inside soft and creates a yummy contrast of flavors.

Waffle House offers this biscuit for just $2.40 without breaking the bank.

There are almost 34.00g of carbohydrates in one grilled biscuit from Waffle House.

It contains 330 calories.

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